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Douglas M. McGeary Attorney Profile in Medford, Oregon and Surrounding Areas

With over twenty years in the legal business, Doug McGeary takes pride in having established a record as a problem solver.

If you want practical and intelligent solutions at a fraction of the cost of going to court, then maybe you should consider Doug as your choice for an attorney.

“My experience and professionalism are important for my clients to get answers in law that get the right results.”

Doug McGeary has a stake in his reputation. He was born and raised in the Southern Oregon area, and he and his wife, Debbie, have raised their family here as well. Doug has had a variety of work experiences, has remained involved in his community, and continues to seek challenges to improve his practice.

Doug McGeary may prefer to solve problems efficiently outside the courtroom but that doesn't mean he doesn't know his way around in court. Doug served in the Jackson County District Attorney's office as deputy and senior deputy district attorney for ten years, prosecuting all levels of adult property, drug and person crimes. He continues as a prosecutor for a local southern Oregon city. Tough but fair, Doug established a respected reputation among his peers and the courts to this day. In fact, he has served as a Pro Tem judge for Jackson County Circuit Court for 2 years.
Doug also served as Jackson County's civil attorney to handle complex civil matters to ensure the government's compliance with broad areas of government law, contracts, land use regulation, protecting citizen's civil rights, and more. He's sought by local governments throughout the southern Oregon area to provide general and specialized legal service.

In his private practice, Doug provides general law services to his community that include a practice that is described in his Practice Area page. Doug has always put his client's interest at the top, helping them explain difficult problems with people and businesses that want to understand. You can feel confident when you have Doug on your side knowing you are working with a straight talker who gives no empty promises.

Again, what you have with Doug McGeary is a well-respected attorney in his community and one who works to help you.

With over twenty five years in the legal business, Doug McGeary takes pride in having established a record as a problem solver.

If you want practical and final solutions at a fraction of the cost of going to court, then contact Douglas M. McGeary, Attorney at Law LLC at 541-779-4647.


History and community involvement tell a story of those offering their professional services for you. Doug McGeary's family has longtime roots here and Doug has raised his family in the same place he was born, and he has continued to remain active in civic, educational and professional services

Doug has insight into what has been and what is expected and understood by people living, working, growing up and raising their families here. He has immense pride and a strong commitment to making this community the best and most livable place it can be.

Community involvement includes such activities as:

  • Southern Oregon Historical Society, Trustee and President
  • Northwest Seasonal Workers
  • Jacksonville Highway Water District; Past Board Member
  • Rogue Flyfishers; Past Board Member and Treasure
  • Mt. Ashland Association; Past Board Member
  • Medford Congregational United Church of Christ, Past Board and Moderator


  • Coach; Boys Soccer Team
  • Umpire; Girls Softball League
  • Give a Kid a Lift Program; Mt. Ashland
  • After School Ski Program; West Medford 549C Grade School System
  • Pro Tem Judge for Jackson County Circuit Court
  • Veteran Legal Services
  • Public Legal Services
  • Homeless and at risk youth services